Hasan Daraghmeh

The Door (2020)

Single channel 4K video, 08:00 min, Sound, Infinite loop
*Dimensions variable

3/5 Editions + 2AP
The first edition is part of Trondheim kommune art collection
The second edition is part of Kunstmuseet NordTrøndelag collection

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The Door:
"In this work two opposite movements unfold. First a repetitive invasion: Light invades darkness as a door is suddenly opened and a person enters the room. Image and sound follow one another rhythmically while the short sequence, at the pace of a heart beating, slowly spreads across the screen. A strange house takes shape consisting of identical open doors. Soon we are presented with the opposite story, the story of a door closing, accompanied by an equally insistent rhythm.

The strange house disappears one slam at a time until we are back on the bare ground or in a dark room, or possibly on a dark continent. The work is mesmerizing and grabs hold of the spectator like a pop song with a refrain that invades the brain, or like a gif or a meme that goes viral on social media. The work also fills the exhibition space with a sound that is simultaneously traumatic and hopeful: The sound of a door that is slammed shut and opened.

In my experience, the artwork stays with you for a long time; my mind continues to generate questions, thoughts, and associations to this work which operates on many levels at the same time. As I see it, this quality is linked to artistic quality; the artwork induces a thought expansion, in this case in a potentially unpleasant way.

It is not easily dispelled from one's mind. There is a nightmarish element present even though the work may be said to describe something fairly trivial and universal. It may be a cheeky way of asking you to leave: "Don't let the door hit you on the way out" A sarcastic expression: "Please close the door behind you when you leave" Or the sound of a shutting door may call to mind the memory of a loved one who left you. On the other hand, friends, colleagues, and even the state, with its desirable rights, may be instrumental in opening up doors for us, providing new possibilities.

There are many good works at this year's Trondelagsutstilling, so it has not been an easy choice, but I'm happy to present the critic's prize to Hasan Daraghmeh and his work "The Door" from the current year of 2020"

kunstkritiker Susanne Christensen
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From "Trondelagsutstillingen 44" Trondelag Centre for Contemporary Art (TSSK), Trondheim, NO

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Exhibitions and Screening:

2022 The National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), Lisboa, PT
2021 34es Instants Vidéo Festival, Marseille, FR
2021 FIAC International Contemporary Art Fair, Paris, FR
2021 Micro Film & Video Festival, Surnadal, NO
2021 Cité internationale des Arts, Paris, FR
2021 PROYECTOR 2021 International Videoart Festival 14th Edition, Madrid, ES
2021 Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger, NO
2020 Deichman Bjorvika, Oslo, NO
2020 S-W-I-T-C-H Contemporary Video Art, Nenagh, IE
2020 "Trondelagsutstillingen 44" Kunstmuseet NordTrondelag, Namsos, NO
2020 "Hostutstillingen 133" Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, NO
2020 "Hostutstillingen 133" kunstutstilling i Valnesfjord, NO
2020 "Trondelagsutstilling 44" Trondelag Centre for Contemporary Art (TSSK), Trondheim, NO

The work won the Kritikerprisen "Trondelagsutstillingen 44", Trondelag senter for samtidskunst i Trondheim

Press and Reviews:
2020 Hostutstillingen 2020: Spillet om kunsten, By Oda Bhar Here
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2020 Kritikerprisen, "Trondelagsutstillingen 44", By Susanne Christensen. Click Here